Village de Labeaume en Ardèche

TOP 3 villages in the south of the Ardèche

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Lively, charming and sometimes mysterious, the villages are the soul and the history of the region. Picturesque, discreet, perched, fortified, bathed in light… They are scattered throughout the Ardèche, a territory prized for its gentle rurality and its omnipresent nature. Villages with an asserted personality, squeezed around a bell tower, a castle, a shady square where one can sit down after a visit to the market and before exploring the winding streets full of flowers. We propose you to discover our TOP 3 villages of the south of Ardèche for an immersion in the region. These three villages have in common that they are part of the 21 emblematic villages grouped around a quality charter and labeled “Villages de caractère”.

#1. Labeaume

In Labeaume more than anywhere else, stones and dolmens tell stories. Labeaume and its theatrical natural setting inspire artists. There are many views of the village from the cliffs and its remarkable hanging gardens.

Surrounded by the lapping of the Beaume River that flows at its feet, the village is surrounded by impressive limestone cliffs, carved with caves.

Wander through this labyrinth of alleys, and climb to the top of the village: the view is breathtaking!

Village de Labeaume en Ardèche
Taguelmoust, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Village de Banne en Ardèche

#2. Banne

The origin of its name “summit, point” perfectly illustrates this old village built on a slope at the crossroads of a limestone plain and the first sandstone reliefs of the Cevennes.

Banne, has forged a strong personality that asserts itself through its two neighborhoods, that of the church whose pointed bell tower captures the glances from the plain, that of the “Fort” whose stables are now the prestigious setting for summer cultural events: shows, exhibitions and the Singular Art Festival.

#3. Naves

Clinging to the first reliefs of the Cevennes, surrounded by olive trees, Naves smells like the south. The village had its moment of glory in the 19th century with the development of silkworm breeding, an activity that has now disappeared.

As for the old castral town, it shows many vestiges of medieval houses: gable wall, mullioned windows with or without chamfer. This beautiful house seems to be the oldest in the village: brown in color, it has typical characteristics of the Cevennes.

Located on the eastern side of the Massif Central in the Cevennes Naves is both part of the Cevennes National Park and the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park.

Village de Naves en Ardèche
Vpe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons