Activités nautiques en Ardèche

The Ardèche in family

Domaine des Vans - Hébergement pour les familles en Archèche

Magnificent landscapes, generous nature, original activities… the Ardèche is the ideal destination for a family holiday! On foot or by bike, the region offers a range of landscapes that will amaze young and old alike. The Domaine des Vans, family accommodation in Chambonas in the South Ardèche (07) presents a selection of unmissable activities.

The Velorail

A pedal-powered railway vehicle, the Vélorail is an unusual way to discover the Ardèche. It allows you to appreciate the landscape, to discover different stations from the past and impressive artistic works.

Located on the old railway line that winds through the hills of the South Ardèche, you will cross 5 viaducts and 1 tunnel, exploring the southern Ardèche at your own pace.

Le parcours dure environ 1h30 pour 11km d’aventure en famille.

Vélo rail en Ardèche
crédit : Didier DuforestCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Watercourses and bathing

Un des grands plaisirs de la région, c’est la baignade dans les petits cours d’eau et les rivières sauvage

In the heart of the canyon, in a protected nature reserve, the Ardèche Gorges are a must-see. 22km long, shaped for nearly 110 million years, the limestone cliffs of more than 250m high shelter the river Ardèche. On foot, in a canoe or in a boat, there are many ways to explore this river which meanders and sparkles in the sunlight.

With its large limestone slabs and fine sand, the Gens cirque is a must-see. The gorge was dug 5 million years ago and is a real work of art in the open air.

Whether it’s a supervised swimming area on the beach or a small spot on the banks of a river, the Ardèche offers many ways to swim.

The caves of the Ardèche

The Chauvet 2 cave is a reconstruction of a part of the prehistoric cave of the same name. Discovered in 1994, it is located in the middle of a 29-hectare wooded park and extends over 3,500m2 for an immersion in Ardèche prehistory. It includes reproductions of ancient paintings dating back more than 36,000 years for a visit out of time, in the footsteps of the Palaeolithic culture and the arrival of Homo Sapiens in Europe.

Discovered nearly 90 years ago, the Aven Orgnac is a dive into the heart of the Earth. With its 7,000m2 of stalactites and stalagmites, its ceiling heights of up to 30 metres, you lose all notion of time and distance. The work of water is present everywhere: it sculpts the rock and shapes the colours. The site is monumental and will undoubtedly plunge you into a fairy tale world of more than 5 million years.

Grottes en Ardèche

Hiking on the Sentier des “Tétines”

The “tétines” of the Ardèche are stone outgrowths rising from the ground in the shape of… teats! Starting in Vernon, this easy walk for children is just over 6 kilometres long.

Au cours de cette randonnée, on peut explorer de petites grottes, se rafraîchir sous la cascade de Baumicou ou encore traverser les vignes.

Visit the crocodile farm

Réserve tropicale de 10 000 m2, la ferme aux crocodiles est le plus grand parc animalier européen dédié aux reptiles. Véritable immersion dans un site tropical avec plus de 600 animaux en semi-liberté, la ferme compte parmi les espèces les plus rares (crocodiles, tortues géantes, serpents, anacondas, iguanes, lézards…) et abrite une nurserie.