Châtaigne d'Ardèche

La gastronomie en Ardèche

Domaine des Vans - Hébergement en Ardèche (07)

The Ardèche cuisine draws its inspiration from the rural nature and the richness of the territory. Chestnuts, inseparable from the Ardèche landscape, potatoes, wild blueberries and charcuterie are just some of the many emblematic dishes of the region.

In Ardèche, nature is generous and varied, and the products are of high quality! Fine gourmets or great gourmands, close your eyes and follow the guide!

The chestnut, star product of the region

Stemming from the ancestral culture, the Ardèche chestnut has contributed for centuries to the influence of its territory. A true treasure of autumn, it is available in many forms – fresh, in jam, in marrons glacés or in liqueurs – for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds.

Cultivated for 800 years, the chestnut benefits from a PDO “Chestnut of Ardeche”.

When the summer season gives way to autumn, with its beautiful colors and mildness, the Ardèche puts on its festive clothes and offers a series of gourmet and festive events, the Castagnades. From October to November, this festival in honor of the chestnut takes place in the Ardèche villages which, for the occasion, bring together artists and craftsmen, restaurant owners and tourism professionals who offer to the inhabitants as well as to the tourists numerous animations around this emblematic fruit of the region. Travelers looking for an authentic experience will celebrate the event in Chalençon. A medieval village built of local stone and surrounded by century-old chestnut groves, it offers an enchanting and timeless setting to share the festivities.

The Chestnut of Ardèche
The Chestnut of Ardèche

Other emblematic products of the region

L’huile d’olive d’Ardèche
The olive oil of Ardeche

If the region is known for its chestnuts, it also offers a wide range of other flavors: olives and their southern oils, truffles, saffron or Picodon and Fin Gras du Mézenc distinguished by a PDO which show an exceptional French quality.

Lovers of gastronomy and local products can choose to discover the region by following “Les étapes savoureuses de l’Ardèche®”, an itinerary that allows them to discover the agricultural and culinary wealth of the Ardèche. Through meetings with producers and companies, gourmet events, but also good restaurants promoting the soil, the labeled establishments give a beautiful overview of the history, heritage and culture of the Ardèche.

Attached to its history and its products, the Ardèche offers a range of flavors that it is keen to share with travelers passing through the region.

The addresses and the appointments in the south of Ardèche (07)

Beautiful and colorful strolls await travelers through the festive markets. A source of infinite inspiration for some, a pleasure for the eyes for others; the markets are a must in the region.

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Travelers looking for an authentic experience will enjoy meeting the producers. Farmers, beekeepers, cheesemakers and many others… the farms open their doors to you during organized visits. A different way of consuming, respecting nature and the inhabitants.

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The collective brand Goûtez l’Ardèche® gathers about ten restaurateurs. From the gastronomic restaurant to the family inn, they all share the same passion and the same love for their region and their products.

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