Faire du vélo de route en Ardèche

Cycling in the South Ardèche

Domaine des Vans

If you are a cycling enthusiast, the South of Ardèche (07) is the ideal place to practice your passion. Because of its geographical situation, the Ardeche has a very favorable climate for the practice of the bicycle with a good weather a great part of the year as well as very varied landscapes and reliefs.

Whether you are a simple walker or an experienced cyclist, the diversity of the routes and the relief of the South Ardèche allows all cyclists to have a lot of fun whatever their level and with their road bike or their mountain bike.

The roads and paths around the Domaine des Vans in Chambonas make it possible to carry out bicycle excursions in family in all peace and safety far from the great roads of circulation.

Road biking near Les Vans in Ardèche

The roads around Domaine des Vans are ideal for road biking. It is indeed easy and quick to find roads not frequented by motorists and to be able to indulge your passion for cycling in complete safety.

Many small country roads are open to you and offer you the possibility of discovering the surroundings of the Domaine des Vans in all tranquillity.

Faire du vélo de route en Ardèche
Vélo et vtt en Ardèche

Mountain biking in the surroundings of Chambonas in Ardèche

The relief of the Ardèche and the surroundings of the Domaine des Vans offer an ideal playground for mountain biking, whatever your level of experience. Numerous routes with various mileages and difficulties are referenced as for example on the website visuGPX.

Discover the many courses accessible to fun courses.

For a stopover of a few days or for a long stay, the Domaine des Vans, with its service of renting spacious and comfortable cottages is the ideal place to rest after long bike rides on the roads and paths of the South of the Ardèche department (07). Do not hesitate to contact the Domaine des Vans for any information request or for any reservation request.